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The minimum order over the internet is 6 dozens.  To order more is always welcome.  Grandma Margarita's tamales will stay delicious up to 90 days refrigerated and up to a year frozen.    Prices include shipping and handling.  All orders will be shipped 2nd day air.   Confirmation of orders will be sent quickly via email.


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I want ready made tamales sent directly to me. ($9.95/dz, ,6 dozen minimum order)
I want the recipe e-mailed to me. ($7.50)


If you selected to order ready made tamales, please enter the quantity you wish to receive. Keep in mind that the minimum order if 6 dozen and the price per dozen is $9.95 which includes shipping and handling.


Quantity (in dozens)

Method of Payment


Check (Make out to Margaret Prado)
Money Order (Make out to Margaret Prado)
Credit Card (Must use PayPal to use credit card. First time PayPal customers save $5 off first order)  Site address is  Follow the instructions on screen, remember business name is Grandma Margarita's Tamale Factory. 


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 If you choose to use PayPal to send your money via credit card, please go to and take a few seconds to enroll.  You will instantly be eligible to use your Visa or MasterCard for payment.  Simply follow the online directions.

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